Why Do Students Drop Out of College

                                            Quinn Strickland

                  The lack of self-confidence that students deal with keeps them from attaining a better future and a successful career. Students need motivation to build their self-confidence and self- esteem to stay in college. College life will get difficult and hard. Students start thinking that they can’t do it or college is not for them and just quit trying without having a strong mind set to get through it. They feel as though that’s the easy way out and not wanting to prove to themselves that their not a quitter and can do anything to better their future and have a higher education.
                    Financial problems are an issue with students dropping out of college. When students get their information about how much they have to pay for tuition it becomes financial problem. That pretty much changes their mind about continuing college. Many students are not working and their parents might be having finance problems and will not be able to help out. When students start college it looks promising, until money becomes a problem and they have no idea where the money is going to come from.
In conclusion self-confidence plays a big role in a student’s success and how they will approach different situations in life. A student has to sometime swallow their pride and go to a friend or someone close and ask questions. Never be afraid to challenge life with your head held high. Always keep a positive attitude on whatever problem feels like a setback. Dropping out of college is like making your mind think, “I’m a failure.” Always look on the bright side when it comes to financial problems never know what positive can come out of it. Look further into the situation there is a solution to every problem. Just keep striving forward and don’t let little things make dropping out your first priority. Don’t throw away going to...