Why College

Why college?

college is a life changing experience and will give you a better life. People will try to tell you many things about how college can just be a waste of time, and will not get you anywhere; well let's see why those people are wrong! college can have many benefits. let's see some good reasons why college is worth your time.

college is the way to go! for starters college will give you a better looking resume. It will show any future employer that you have succeeded in your goal and you have studied your career. Having a better looking resume will get you better opportunities for better work! Another example of the benefits of going to college is that you actually study what you want to be. Even if you don't know what you want to do; there are many different activities, clubs, and programs to find your dream career. Giving you a better idea of what is it you want to do. "Ignore career confusion". (p.10) (Rules for going to college when nobody excepted you too). studies show that college can make you up to a million more dollars in your life time. Many People will say that you will be losing a lot by going to college. The truth is your learning more by going there. you will enter many classes benefiting your entire career platform. These skills will help you with a work environment. Your future depends on education. What you know is most likely what you will be affiliated with in your future. So study want you want to do! College will help you get there. It will give you your life, and will change your life!

college is a decision most people take to consideration because of the life impacting results that it gives to people; it will change your life for the better, and will help you to move forward. Not only will it help you with your career it will let you strive in life!