Why an Mba

Why an MBA?
Marie Whaley
University of Phoenix
Ron Schwendiman
July 01, 2010

Why an MBA?
      Why pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA)?   That is a question I’ve been asking myself before making the decision.   There were many things I had to consider such as my family, time management and classroom versus online. However, the question I kept asking myself was “is an MBA necessary to further my career?” The answer to this question was always yes.   An MBA will improve my skills personally, develop management and technical skills and increase career opportunities.
Personal Goals
      The MBA is not just for me, it is also for my family which is my first priority.   Obtaining my MBA will allow me to set a good example for my son.   Having both parents with degrees (my husband has a degree in Bachelors in Recreations Management) will help him understand the importance of higher education.   Getting my MBA will help me gain confidence in effective communication and build the necessary skills to be become more successful in the business world.
      I believe pursuing my MBA will help me reach my goal in furthering my career at my current job and field of employment. I work in the insurance industry and find it rewarding guiding individuals through the claims process.   This job has enhanced my organizational skills as well as providing me knowledge in medical and insurance policy.   By acquiring the MBA I will be able to show how capable I am to manage and oversee the work of others.   This will give me the opportunity to advance to a senior level position.
Personality Assessment
      Completing the Jungian 16-type personality assessment I was classified as an ISTJ personality type.   This assessment provides individuals with the understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.   The outcome of the assessment gave examples of possible choices on which career path would be well suited for them; as a result, it may help to...