Why a Child May Be Taken Into Care

Why do some children and young people need to be looked after.

There are many reasons why children go into care some of these could include parental illnesses, financial situations at home where the parents cant cope and also if the parents abuse the rights of the child. It is the job of social worker to assess if the parents are catering for the needs of each child. If they feel it is inadequate the child would be put into care.

If the child had a disability that the parents were struggling to cope with this could result in the child being taken into speicalised care, so the child’s needs can be catered for, with the use of the specialised equipment to give the child they best possible life they can have. The child’s illness may make it hard for the child to stay at home. They could spend a short time away from home to give the family a rest or it could be long term care.

There are advantages of specialised provision including that the child’s needs would be catered for and also the people that the disabled child would be around would also be disabled children so they are all in the same situation. There are also disadvantages including that the child may miss their family at home and also the child may not want to be around people in the same situation as them as it may seem depressing.

There are many reasons why the child could have behavioral problems making it hard for the parents to look after the child including; Family issues, abuse from either family or friends, a bad relationship, hormones, stress from either school or home life, anxiety, depression OCD and phobias.

Stress can affect many areas of a child’s life, it can affect their family and friendships ,there hobbies also there school life can be effected drastically as they would lose concentration easily and start thinking of other problems.It can affect there health including maybe resulting in self harm and can effect there sleeping pattern as they are overthinking so they would...