Marco Carlo Sana
Alexander Charles Uy
August Tribunal

HW Criminal Law

“High School stude comatose sa bugbog ng classmates”
A 16 year old, 4th year student from St. John Academy, named Reynaldo Salang Jr. was badly beaten with shackles by his classmate Mosies Pasion, also 16, along with an 18 year old named Jonathan Punzalan. Two other who have yet to be taken into custody, one under the name “John” and another unidentified both of whom were also his classmates. The student is currently confined in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Bataan Peninsula Medical Center. The motive behind the crime was jealousy, because the lover of “John” was seen with the victim as the former approached the latter to gain his opinion about the troubles in John and the love’s relationship. The suspects are charged with frustrated homicide, but were released on bail.

All suspects involve in the crime are rightfully charged with frustrated homicide. Clearly, the victim would be dead without the medical intervention present and it can be begotten from the facts that all of them participated in the beating. The suspects that where the victim’s classmates, who are under the age of 18, can not avail of the defense of exempting circumstances, because, undoubtedly, from the facts of the case, there was clear   discernment from the minors in the commission of the crime. They attacked him as a group even deciding to use shackles to implore in their criminal deed to make sure the harm they intended to commit materializes. The inapprehension of the two other classmates also point to the fact that the minor students knew of the evil of the crime that they took part in.

“Holdaper, nanghostage ng La Salle student”


A De La Salle University student was taken hostage during the course of a holdup which took place at an LBC Money Transfer in Taft Ave, where they took the cell phones and money amountinf to 10,000 Php from the employees. The incident was reported...