Whos Reality

‘We create reality though our experiences and our imagination’

I met a young man whilst working in a mental hospital, his name was Scott and he had ended up in the institution due to a life of alcohol and abuse. When Scott was just 9 years old his parents separated, driving his father, David to become a heavy drinker. In his teen years, Scott would sit at home each night praying that his father wouldn’t drink, so he would not have to endure the endless verbal abuse that he had received the previous night. Scott was a very fragile teenager; he was already accustomed to bullying at high school by his peers, when they caught onto the fact that he was a homosexual. This bullying was then continued the moment his father stepped though the front door of their 3 room apartment, he couldn’t escape it. Being surrounded by this severe abuse and alcohol started Scott’s addiction. It all began in 1998 when Scott began to drink alone and heavily in bars, he would hop from bar to bar in a bid to consume more alcohol and be left alone. Scott would smile as he recalled the nights spent wandering the streets drunk, those were his ‘happy times’. ‘I used to get lost in my own perfect and carefree world when I was drinking it was my escape, I believed a functional family that loved me and everything was how I dreamed’

When we are first born we are a fresh canvas, plain, untouched and innocent, just waiting to be painted on by those we meet and the events we encounter throughout our life. No outside influences have yet coloured the person we will eventually become. We are painted by a number of different people and various experiences in our lives, which will all play a part in the outcome of our canvas. The first people to paint on our canvas is our parents, they start our lives for us, laying the foundations for others to build upon. It is clear that Scott’s father was no model parent, being subject to both substance and verbal abuse lead him into a life of addiction himself....