Who Is the Greatest Teacher?


Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheswara
Guru sakshaat prabrahma, Tasmai Sree Gurave Namah//

Indian vedic literature has put the place of teacher on par with GOD.   We do not know the existence or non-existence of God.   But, we have teachers replacing GOD.   Let’s dig down.   Who is a teacher? The teacher is he or she who teaches.   There arises a natural question.   What to teach? Yes. It is the crux of the understanding.   Teaching may be of different aspects.   We have class room teachers.   They teach the prescribed syllabus to young minds.   We have teachers of different kinds.   We have teachers or gurus of yogasanas, personality development, management, advertising, bhajans and vomiting siva lingas.

All these are part of life and not life itself.   These may or may not be called knowledge.   A teacher is a person who gives the true knowledge about society and life.   If we restrain ourselves to classroom teaching to define a true teacher, we are definitely on wrong side.   To see things clearly we need light. That is knowledge and understanding of the society which we live in.   To spread its wings light needs a source.   Teacher is that source.   This source makes us clearer, our thoughts more analyzing which in turn balances our lives towards TRUTH.   This is the essence of a true teacher.

After having the conceptual clarity about knowledge and the teacher; let us move on our expedition to search for a true or say, the greatest teacher.   We are living in a society that is severely skewed,   Tormented with a number of inequalities, discrimination, oppression and suffering.   The most striking figure in the history of mankind who left all his royal luxuries in search of the root cause for the suffering of human beings,   The Buddha, the light of Asia.   He, who tried to understand nature of society and taught that human wants are root cause of human suffering.   But the great teacher Buddha could not find out the cause beneath...