Who Is Jesus to Me?

Who is Jesus to me?   Jesus is my God mascot.   Let me explain.
God knew He had to do something to help us better understand His will.   To relate with us on a more personal level, He sent his son Jesus to live amongst us.  
It is impossible for us to fully understand God because we cannot conceptualize perfect truth, perfect love, and total power.   Although we know what love is, and we know what truth is, our knowledge of those virtues is so small in comparison to God’s transcendental love and truth that we can never attain a full understanding of Him.   Through Jesus, however, we are able to put a face on God.   God knew sending a human form of Himself would make it easier to connect with us.   Jesus came as a teacher and an example of how to live our lives according to God’s will.   Through his words, actions, and death on the cross, He showed us the path to eternal life with God.  
Jesus is the concrete testimony of all that God is.   It may sound sacrilegious to compare Jesus to the our mascot, but to me, just like a mascot is to a school, Jesus is to God.   Jesus gives a physical identity to God’s meaning so as to teach us through a relatable example.   He spreads God’s spirit by way of His teaching.   Through His love for us, He rallies the crowd to have faith.   Jesus embodies God’s love, truth, and power in ways that seem attainable for us.