Who Are You Why Are You Here?

Juan Ramos
History 108
September 11, 2016
Biography, Who Are We and Why Are We Here
Defining who we are and why we are here as individuals is a very difficult process. Defining who oneself is, means to explain one’s lifestyle, beliefs and goals. While most of these are discovered as someone life progresses, much of who one is has to do with their history of family and culture. So, to further understand and explain who we are as individuals we start with their family background. My family comes from Mexico where they grew up living on a very independent lifestyle. Both my father and mother grew up in the town of Chapala in Mexico. With hard determined hard working parents they eventually had made the transition from Mexico to the United States. My father’s side had more trouble as they had illegally crossed and were forced to leave many of their personal belongings behind as it would slow them down while making their journey. At this very young age of ten both my mother and father were forced to start working to contribute for their family. Their dedication and hard work have been taught into my lifestyle and it is a characteristic that many take for granted.
Fast forwarding to the date of my birth, I was born in a hospital in the city of Arcadia. My family consists of my parents, my two sisters and myself. Being the middle child I was able to learn new things from my older sister then pass it on to my younger sister. My older sister Briana has been the child that was more along the lines of a trial and error. She had been with my parents when my father had no job and were living in a small room under the same roof as my grandparents. The unstable and unpredictable lifestyle at a very young age was able to strengthen her so when things did end up as planned and became more stable she was well rounded and took nothing for granted. She had always stressed the idea of hard work pays off, I guess something she was able to see firsthand through my parents....