Who Am I

Dear 20+ year old Skylar Olson
Written 5/8/2016

Okay so right now you are 17 years old. That means your a junior   in high school. So this letter is coming from our 17 year old point of view on life. I’m learning from my mistakes as i go on in life, so this may be comedical to you. Let me give you a quick refresher on how you life was before and right now in high school. Elementary school was easy going for us. You made lots of friends and were a huge tomboy. You were the only girl that would play football with the guys, and kickball. Middle school came along and one of your called friends started spreading rumors about you, and saying mean things directly to your face. Middle school was rough for us, we were constantly bullied. Your friend group was separated and those who were true   friends to us stayed with us. The others went with our ex friend. She was very consistent on bully us and making us not want to go to school. We were diagnosed with severe depression. High school didn’t make it any better. We would pretend to be sick just so we wouldn’t have to go to school and deal with all the bullshit that people would say. Rumors were knifes in our backs. We got therapy and medication, but then our therapist moved further away. We are getting better slowly   but surely. Sure there are moments of relapse but we can strive through those tough times. Moving on from the depressing part of our life. We made tons of friends along the way. Brooke Follansbee, Amber Geise, Valerie Nelson, Hannah Gasper, Sydney Manning, Baylee Willard, Kelly D, Dan Rader, Dom Bennett (Big Baby). I hope these people were or are at your wedding. They were such positive influences on your life. And we were a big influence in their lives.There families welcomed us in as one of there own children. Okay so the point of this letter is to tell you how you were like at the age of 17 physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and psychologically.

Physically you were fit. This is your...