Who Am I Presentation Outline

Who Am Presentation Outline
Jissy Sebastian
American Sentinel

Who Am Presentation Outline
Topic: Who am I?
Purpose: To give an overview of me.
Introduction: There are tons of roles a person plays in their daily lives. From being a mother or father, husband or wife, brother or sister, uncle or aunt, and nephew or niece. These roles affect you and other people in your family. I would like to talk about who I am and why these roles, situations and people are so important to whom I am.
Thesis Statement: I play many roles every day, and they are the things that make me who I am.
Internal Preview: I am a wife, mother, family member, aunt and many other things.
Slide 1: I’m a wife.
      1.1 I wedded Sebastian Lukose on August 3rd 1992
      1.2 We lived in the same town.
      1.3 We have been living in Stafford, Texas for 10 years.
      1.4 When I don’t have work I…
Slide 2: I am a mother.
      2.1 Joel
      2.2 Juliet
      2.3 Working mom
Slide 3: I’m a Family Member
      3.1 My parents
      3.2 My brothers and sisters
      3.3 My In-Laws
      3.4 My whole family
Slide 4: I am a friend.
      4.1 The Varghese Family
      4.2 My friends
      4.3 My church friends
Slide 5: Who am I today?
                              5.1 As a mom I have to sacrifice a part of me
      5.2 Now I am trying to do a few things for myself
Slide 6: I am an aunt.
                              6.1 Mathew Joseph
            Slide 7: I am a nurse.
                              7.1 I work at Ben Taub general hospital  
                              7.2 I have been working there for 12 years
                              7.3 My co workers                                                                                                                                        
Main Point 8: Resuming my education

                  8.1 I wish to go back to school after I receive my BSN degree.

Main Point 9:   I play many roles each day....