White Star Line

The Titanic was one of the most luxurious ships ever made with a swimming pool, Turkish bath, and gym. The ship was designed by William Pirrie and was built in the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast. Their were 2,223 people on the Titanic on board when they left England and only 706 when they came back. When the ship left on Wednesday, April 10th   1912 and at 2:10 AM on Sunday April 14th they hit an ice berg in the Atlantic Ocean. The ice berg hit the ship on the side and made a dent allowing water to flow true the cracks. Some people believe that the Titanic sunk because of the ice berg and the and the titanic just being in the wrong place or it’s the captains fault. I believe it was because the White Star Line , the company that built the ship.

One of the managing directors, Bruce Ismay,   of the White Star Line that was on the Titanic on her maiden voyage. The Titanic was to meet the schedule of six days which meant that they had to go at max speed, 23 knots(30 mph). The captain of the Titanic was warned about ice bergs being in the water and its rumored that he wanted to slow down but was pressured by Ismay to keep going at full speed to meet schedule. Because the White Star Line company wanted to keep its good reputation and satisfy its passengers it puts their customers in danger and only to stay right on schedule.

Another White Star Line employee also put the passengers in danger. The White Star Line company believed the Titanic was unsinkable and that their was nothing that threatened the ship in the water. So the White Star Line didn’t worry about anything happening to the ship because if anything should happen they would have sixteen watertight compartments. Thomas Andrews, the ships architect, made the watertight doors not go as high as they were supposed to do. He didn’t make it go that high because that would take up more room thus making less rooms for the passengers. Wanting the business of more people and less care for the passengers of...