Whirlpool Corp

Assignment #5: Whirlpool Corporation

September 06, 2011

                                HRM 532

    • Discuss what factors emerged at Whirlpool that impacted its talent needs.

  Throughout Whirlpool’s history, they have always been able to attract and retain the best talent to propel their business.   Whirlpool’s talent needs were greatly impacted by several factors that hindered them from emerging successfully in a global market atmosphere (Goldsmith & Carter, 2010). They are as follow: (a) Whirlpool needed to attract talent that they could develop whether the talent existed within the organization or going outside of the organization to seek key talent that displayed proficiencies and that could keep up in an ever changing global marketplace; (b) The talent Whirlpool was seeking needed to have the know-how to build technology for a rapidly changing environment to meet consumer needs and demands to stay competitive; (c) Organizations switched from an employer’s market to a talent market due to the escalating competition in the global marketplace, as a result, supply was limited for such a high demand for exceptional talent; and last (d) The workforce started to change due to retirements, outsourcing, and key talent relocating for better opportunities (Goldsmith & Carter, 2010).   These factors help attract, involve, and develop talent to ensure it has the level of leadership to succeed in a constantly changing global business environment.

    • Discuss how expanding globally changed the talent requirements at Whirlpool.
      Whirlpool is one of the most leading manufacturer and marketer of home appliances.   Achieving this goal was not easy but was accomplished by creating a sophisticated world class assessment program.   The talent requirements at Whirlpool needed to change to compete globally and drive better results (Goldsmith & Carter 2010). In order to accomplish this difficult task, a talent management system needed to be implemented to remain...