Which Is More Powerful, the Us Congress or the French Legislature?

Which is more powerful, the US Congress of the French Legislature?
A Comparison between France and America There are few countries in the world that share as similar governmental structures as the United States and France. It would be expected, however, that France and America would share such similarities in government based upon the fact that the original French Constitution was inspired by the U.S. constitution. Like America, France has an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. However, the processes by which tasks are carried out by each of these branches are all slightly different from that of the United States. It is for this reason that the comparison of these two countries is so interesting; broadly speaking, both governments appear very similar, however, when looked at more closely there are smaller distinctions that keep them separate and unique. The Executive branch is the decision making part have the government and the legislature’s are the law-making branch of the government. The legislative is mainly responsible for discussing and passing legislation and keeping an eye on the executive.
“Technically, a legislature is any law making body, however constituted, but in a democracy the legislature gets its legitimacy from the fact that it is directly and popularly elected by citizens”. (Newton, Van Deth 2010)
There can be two types of legislatures formed by one house, which is referred to as a unicameral house or by two houses called a bicameral house. Looking at both the US congress and the French Legislature we see that both countries Legislative branches are both bicameral legislatures. But the question which is more powerful in its own right. The US Congress or the French Legislature. The Us congress is made up of two houses and the Senate and the House Of Representatives and the French Legislature is made up of the National Assembly and the Senate. In this essay I will look at both Legislative branches individually for both countries and...