Which Aspects of the Counselling Theory You Have Studied to Date Do You Feel Most Speaks to You and Your Experience of the World?

Which aspects of the counselling theory you have studied to date do you feel most speaks to you and your experience of the world?

I will start this essay by identifying the aspect of counselling theories that have appealed to me most and why.

Through self-reflection on the way I approached this task I will attempt to evaluate how my choice of the aspects are linked to the way I experience the world.

Further, I shall consider how each of the theoretical concepts may support or contradict my personal experiences of the world.   I will reflect on the relative fit of the theories and my experience of the world.

To conclude I will try to evaluate how the work on this essay affected my view of myself as a future integrative counsellor and whether I feel that it will affect the way I will attempt to practice my counselling skills.

The aspects of counselling theories that speak to me most are mainly rooted in the psychodynamic school starting with Freud’s (Vavrda in Vymětal et al., 2004) notion of the importance that childhood experiences and its effects on later life, when unresolved conflicts may manifest themselves through defences and transferences.   I find myself often using Jungian (Jung, 1968, 1980) concepts of archetypes and archetypal stories to describe what is happening psychologically for me or my clients.   However the ideas I found resonate with me most are those arising from object relations theory (Ding, S., Littleton, K., 2005) namely Winnicott’s concept of ‘Good enough mother’ (Ding, S., Littleton, K. (2005), Bowlby’s attachment theory (Bowlby, 1988) and Erikson’s theory of lifespan development (Miell, D., Phoenix, A., Thomas, K., 2005).   Still, cognitive and behavioural therapies attract me as a possible practical way of working (Westbrook et al., 2007).   I also value Rogers’ concept (Mearns & Thorne, 2000, pp. 85 – 100) of core conditions.   The concept that I find closest to my core...