Whether College Education Should Be Free for All

College and university education should be free for all students , fully financed by the government.

Should college education be free for all students, and fully financed by the government? This statement involves important questions like the essence of college education and the source of college finance. And I holds that the function of college education determines that all the qualified students should be able to get it though it does not necessarily means that government should buy the whole ticket.
Let’s check out the essence of college education first. If elementary school and high school aims at equipping students with the basic knowledge and skills to think and keep a living, then college education, as the last stage before entering society, have to let students find out who they are, what they want and finally, what position they intend to get in the society. Although further perspective into certain field and living skills are also an unalienable part of college education, the primary concern of any university should be the building of value system and the ability of students to think for themselves.
This responsibility taken by college education determines that it is necessary for everyone to get it. After the compulsory, intensive knowledge accumulation in high school, we need a relatively leisure time to learn what we are interested in, and to take part in service learning to find out what this society calls for. The instruction of professors lead us into the beauty and mysteries of a certain field, the debating between counterparts sharpens our minds and motivates us to explore ultimate questions, thus finally, we form our characters and build our value system. Just as psychologist aricson points out that self identity confusion is an unavoidable stage in life’s chapter. And the college life provide the best opportunity for young men to get though it.
Despite this necessity of college education, many young men fail to enter universities out of...