Where Automated Microscopy Market Is Headed in Upcoming Years ? Find Out.

Microscopy is an integral part of healthcare system assisting in diagnosis of various disseases.

One of the major challenge of biological sample observation in ‘post-genomic era’ was detailed understanding of action of multiple gene, protein expression, and other cellular signaling networks due to lack of spatial resolution. However, advancement in the technology led to development of automated microscopies to monitor molecular, and cellular events. Automated microscopy is an advance monitoring technique that enhances the enlarging capacity of biological specimen which gives more clear view of sample. Automated microscopy is majorly used at hospitals, diagnostic clinics, research facility centers, and at medical equipment leasing companies. In pathology laboratory it is used for cellular observation of samples, protein expression, and cell signaling which help for the diagnosis of diseases. Hence, use of automated microscopy is reaching maturity level for its clinical and research use. Advantages associated with the automated microscopy over a conventional microscopy are higher sensitivity, reproducibility, less time consuming and more precise results.

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Global automated microscopy market is segmented by product type, and by application. Product type global market can be segmented into fluorescence microscope, electron microscope, inverted microscope, scanning probe microscope, optical microscope, and other. By considering the application of automated microscope the global automated microscopy market segmented into medical diagnostics, nanotechnology, material science, life science monitoring, semiconductors, and others. Geographically, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and North Africa, and rest of the world. Rest of the World majorly includes Russia, South Africa, and Israel. By product...