When Hide and Seek Goes Wrong

You can be having so much fun then in the blink of the eye everything changes. It all started when my parents and family friends went to a cubs game five years ago. So my sister, Ricky, and Robbie who were also family friends and I stayed at the house. We were all close in age so we were all supposed to hang out and have fun. In the coming of this incident I learned to take better care of my actions.
First off, we were all excited for this night. I loved Ricky and Robbie; they were like brothers to me. When my parents told me they were coming over I was like a little kid on Christmas morning. All day I couldn’t think about anything else but them coming over. My Mom and Dad thought it would be a great idea that they babysat me because we all got along very well. Eventually, they showed up! It felt like I was waiting months or even years for them to come over but really it was only a few hours.
When Ricky and Robbie finally showed up my parents had already left. We started off just watching movies, and talking. We started to get very hungry. We then decided to order some sausage pizza. It was a cold fall night, so we decided to make some hot chocolate. We used the teapot to warm up the milk. What we didn’t realize is that milk doesn’t work well in a teapot; it ended up just squirting out all over the place. That’s when things started going downhill.
We were then getting bored of just watching movies and just sitting there. A couple of minutes later we decided to go outside and play hide and go seek. At first my sister didn’t want to go outside, so Robbie and I started playing football. Everything was going great; then my sister finally decided to come and play hide and seek. We all played it outside to play, and I didn’t realize Ricky was already counting. All I heard was “Ready or not here I come.” My first instinct was find somewhere quick to hide. The only place I saw to hide was the window well. That’s where things started going wrong.
When I saw the...