When Does Nationalism Become Ultra Nationalism?

When does nationalism become ultra nationalism? Where people draw the line is a matter of opinion. Everybody is part of some sort of nation and feels towards it, whether it be negative or positive a small amount or a large amount. Ultra nationalism is when somebody is so overly devoted to their nation that their sense of nation grows very large and they feel the need to be completely loyal. What they do can be atrocious, but in their mind they feel that what they are doing is proper and will help their nation grow. Some people may agree and some may think that the person or groups actions were overreactions and ultra nationalistic. Where somebody decides that it is no longer purely nationalism but has elevated to ultra nationalism sometimes can depend on how that person feels towards nationalism personally. The sources in one way or another show ultra nationalism. Unnecessary genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

In source one, it shows the Japanese Canadian internment notice. This is an act of ultra nationalism because the Canadians felt threatened by the Japanese. They also experienced racism towards them. These feelings caused the Canadians to want to protect their own nation. This is also a crime against humanity. Basically it is depriving Japanese people as a civic group of their lives. The right to vote, own land and taking away their rights to be in certain places. And if they didn’t listen they were sent to internment (war) camps. In the camps they were forced to live in poor housing with up to 10 other families. Unfair treatment to these people caused physical and mental damage. But perhaps made them grow closer as a people also. It’s mainly the way you perceive things. Either way this was an act of ultra nationalism and a crime against humanity.

In source two, it shows the hatred Adolf Hitler had for the Jewish nation. He rose to power and convinced the Germans that what he believed was true and acceptable. They needed to take back what...