When Conflict Arises, It Is Impossible Not to Take a Side, Everyone Has a Role

Encountering Conflict: Prac. Context Essay 1.
Prompt: “When Conflict Arises, It Is Impossible Not To Take A Side, Everyone Has A Role”

When conflict arises, it is impossible not to take a side, everyone has a role. It is difficult to control the choice of taking and being part of a conflict, because with any decision in almost all circumstances has an effect on the conflict, walking away in itself is playing a role. In a conflict there are sides with different views of what is the truth; this is the centre of the matter. Objectivity, whether intentions are positive or not, it would always result in some sort of separation such as criticism or alienation. In the end resolution is needed to establish some sort of common ground, but this would be the most difficult of the stages in a conflict to be pursued.

When conflict arises, truth often becomes a matter of perception rather than reality.   In the case of the first settlers in Australia, they declared Australia as “Terra Nullius” meaning empty land and so they could claim this land as ownership of England. The conflict here is the fact that the perspective of what the settlers defined as being “empty land”, where there was clearly hundreds of thousands of Indigenous Australians living here, visible and present, was their own personal and cultural idea to believe that, that was the truth, that there were certain guidelines that had to be met to prove that this was a civilized society but when facing reality, there was nothing empty about this land, to be more precise, this was a populated, living and breathing land that was literally being invaded. The settlers attitude towards what they felt about what the Indigenous Australians believed about their land, is evident when Blackwood explains to Thornhill “Not a matter of ask up here mate. Get your backside on a bit of ground, sit tight. That’s all the asking you got to do.”

Individuals who try to remain objective in a conflict often find themselves alienated...