What's a Better Source of News? Tv or Internet?

There are many sources of news out there, TV for example is one of the most common ways to get news but it does have its flaws. TV can get you news live and it's available for almost everyone. The news gives you a very detailed report complete with pictures of the day's events. TV does have a downside however, you can only get certain news at different times of the day, which means you have to go through their schedule. TV also censors out some of the news stories, which leaves you in the dark in certain events. There are several alternatives to TV news. These include: radio, newspaper, and the internet
TV is so easy to get to that you are certain to know some of the most basic events happening. It is a step up from Radio because TV gives you more detail on what's going on. The news channel is a basic channel which means that you get it for free. The news gives you all sorts of information and gives you updates frequently on certain stories. TV news also gives you simple descriptions that can be really complicated if you got it online or would be boring if you heard it on the radio. Another reason why TV is good is that the news is spontaneous, there are some good stories that can appear on TV news, stories that you're not likely to search for online.
Like I said earlier, TV does has its downsides. TV can be censored by the government if the material is deemed “unsuitable” for the population however, this is rare in America since freedom of speech is a protected right. TV news is scheduled and if you miss it then you would have to wait for the update on the story to find out what happened, and even then, you're not guaranteed to find out what happened. Sometimes the people on the news don't speak clearly and so you don't understand what they're saying, this is one of many reasons why people go online to find out what happened. You can find out more specific details on a news story online, details that'll help you understand what happened. Unlike TV news, you can...