What Will Continue to Make Browning's Poetry Worthy of Critical Study?

Browning's poetry corresponds with a substantial amount of literary devices and universal themes, which will continue to make Browning's poetry worthy of critical study. His mastery upon the literary technique, 'dramatic monologue' enables him to incorporate his idealistic perceptions, primarily focusing on 'human nature' and the Victorian concerns that lay within this era. It is due to this fundamental trademark that we, as the 'silent listeners' are illustrated with the distinctive values, attitudes and beliefs that Browning bestows, together with accounting these universal themes which are still prevalent today. Thus, this is the reason in which I believe Browning's poetry will continue to be worthy of critical study, specifically referring to the two of Browning’s many eminent poems, My Last Duchess and Porphyria’s Lover that will support my viewpoint.

Effectively, I now call the latter into question. That is, what is the universal theme depicted within these poems that I speak of?

Power! Just simply power! Why? Because power is the key root exploring the notion of human nature, and it is in this concept that ultimately translates the concerns and values the Victorian era held at this time. As such, the traditional perceptions of a patriarchal society was flourished in this time of period, during which men were typically perceived to maintain the dominant role in a relationship, while women relegated to their roles as one that adheres to the men's commands. Ironically enough, this typical notion of patriarchy was deemed to be blurred in both of the poems. Through his characters in ‘My Last Duchess’ and ‘Porphyria’s lover’, Browning was able to implement the use of dramatic monologue. This device enables his characters to speak in a subjective manner, allowing the distanced poet and reader to stay objective simultaneously.

As such, the speaker in My Last Duchess, The Duke, speaks in a form of iambic pentameter, allowing his monologue to sound natural...