“What Will a Therapist Need to Consider When Planning the Treatment of a Depressed Client? Use the Case Study in the Module to Develop a Plan of Treatment for the Client and Explain Your Goals at Each Stage.”

“What will a therapist need to consider when planning the treatment of a depressed client? Use the case study in the module to develop a plan of treatment for the client and explain your goals at each stage.”
The dictionary defines depression as “a mental condition characterised by severe feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy, typically accompanied by a lack of energy and interest in life” (Oxford English Dictionary 1997). Depression is a subject which is extremely controversial and one that remains inconclusive. For some depression is a debilitating black hole which takes over lives, for others it is a low mood and extreme sadness.   As a therapist it is a condition which many clients will seek treatment for and it is our role to offer an effective treatment plan. This essay will discuss what a therapist needs to consider when planning the treatment of a depressed client, taking into consideration the different types of depressive illness and the variety of therapeutic treatments that might be offered. A plan of treatment will be developed for the case study Mr P with an explanation of the goals at each stage of treatment. Throughout the essay any ethical issues or contraindications that arise will be considered.
Many people will say they feel depressed when feeling sad or miserable about life. Often in these instances the feelings of low mood and sadness pass over a short period of time and good spirits return. It is when these feelings occur frequently or when they persist to a point that they affect the quality of life of an individual, that the person may consider seeking advice from a doctor or a therapist. In its mildest form, depression can be simply low spirits and it does not affect a client from leading their normal life but makes everything seem harder and less worthwhile. At its most severe depression can be life threatening as a client may feel suicidal wanting to give up the will to live. There are many different types of depression and the first...