What the Bleep Movie Review

A few aspects of "What The Bleep Do We Know" really caught my attention. To me, the film as a whole was effective because it explained the reasoning behind quantum physics and how our lives are based off of that. I liked the fact that they went into deep detail on all the aspects they covered. The film was also well organized in a format that the viewer could understand. For example, it was in a chronological order that jumped from explanation to image/example. I liked how the guest speakers of the movie would speak in very technical terms, then show an example of what they were just talking about. It gave me time to let the information soak in, while watching a clip of what was just explained.
The premise of the idea that we create our own reality was very clear throughout the film. It got the point across that if one sets their mind to something, the task is attainable no matter how large the obstacle to overcome may be. All of the information that was given by the professors, scientists, and quantum theorists was pushing the viewer to try and make a positive effort to change his/her life. I did strongly agree on the theory that the personal beliefs about who and what one is creates one's reality. It wasn't until about half way into the film that their vision started to become clear. Ultimately, their point is that it is possible, and perfectly acceptable, to create your own reality in any way you want by using positive thinking, or by using self-affirmation.
Although the movie seemed to stretch the scientific "evidence" to match their viewpoint, a few enlightening points were made that will affect my own sense of self-awareness and ultimately how I interact with and motivate people. Perhaps the most basic concept the movie tried to convey was the idea that human thought and emotion are actually only a self-serving perception of some "true reality." This concept that thought and emotion are only perception is actually quite useful in managing everyday life....