What Strategies Might You Employ to Encourage Pupils to Behave Appropriately? Describe How You Might React to Incidents of Bullying?

At the beginning of the school year all pupils and parents would have been given a behaviour policy that they all must agree to. This document explains the behaviour that is expected throughout the year for both the pupils and the parents and the consequences of any bad behaviour. This policy would need to be reinforced and restated as and when required but at the same time would needs lots of praise for those pupils who comply with it. I would keep the rules in the policy to a minimum as too many items can lead to confusion and make it hard for pupils to follow them.
        I would need to be constantly aware of any potential for bad behaviour during the lesson, such as a child fidgeting or chatting while the teacher is talking, this would become a distraction to the rest of the class and needs to be dealt with quickly. All pupils will be inquisitive so you must have a realistic view of their behaviour and age, also if they start to become less well behaved at certain times of the day e.g. in the afternoons, they may be tired or there may be a reason at home which is affecting them. I would access this when speaking to parents before going down any disciplinary route.
          Lessons and activities are usually run to set goals as directed by the teacher so keeping to these frameworks is essential. Preparation of lessons in advance means there would be fewer gaps between lessons and hopefully keep the class working well. I would make sure there is a good explanation to the pupils and they understand what is required of them during each separate part of the lesson, this will keep them busy and therefore give them less chance of becoming disruptive through boredom.
I would remain calm and positive when dealing with the pupils, rewarding good behaviour as well as dealing with the bad. This can be done by a reward scheme like stickers or a point scheme and can be used to reward the children who have done well academically and those who have behaved well in...