What Should Be Paid Attention When the Jaw Crusher Is Feeding

When the jaw crusher is feeding , that the materials which cannot meet the requirements enter the crushing cavity can damage the equipment and affect the proper functioning of the work.Therefore, Fote heavy machinery users have summed up the following several points needing attention for jaw crusher feeding issues, hoping to help your production work.

1.Materials should conform to the technical requirements
The materials to be crushed by the jaw crusher should conform to the technical requirements of the equipment, the granularity size must not exceed the prescribed range, the moisture content is related to the physical properties of the materials, and should not be greater than 15% to prevent blockage of the inlet and the pasting of the machine.Crusher's maximum feed size should be less than 85% of the feed port sizes.

2, The feeding should be strictly in accordance with the procedures
After the jaw crusher is started,you should try running for about 15 minutes, and then check whether the inlet is normal or not. If it is normal ,start feeding.Before stopping the machine,first of all ,you should stop feeding .After the materials are eliminated from the crushing cavity completely ,you can turn off the power.

3.Feed uniformly
When the staff on site are feeding,the feeding should be uniform, to prevent the overcharge from resulting in equipment jams.Uniform feeding can improve the crushing effect and the working conditions.

4.Avoid the foreigns and metals entering the crushing cavity
Manufacturer reminds the users : Avoid the foreigns and metals which cannot be broken entering the crushing cavity to prevent them damaging the bearings of the jaw crusher and and other related parts.

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