What Problems Exist in Grain Peeling Machine Development

What Problems Exist in Grain Peeling Machine Development

Grain peeling machine development is faster in China. But we should keep clear-headed that there still exist some problems in China grain peeling machine development. 

1. Grain peeling machine development in technology is still a little lower than the developed countries. Let’s take America as an example. America has abundant scientific technology, no matter in basic theory or in operative technology. America has advanced technology in processing beans, which increases the bean additional value greatly. While, China grain peeling machine technology still needs further development and innovation.

2. Lots of people still have no enough knowledge about beans value, which also restricts GRAIN PEELING MACHINE DEVELOPMENT. 
We know that bean contains rich nutrition value. It contains various kinds of nutrition ingredients, such as calcium, iron, magnesium and so on. Its function and usage are also quite wide. But up to now, beans are always directly used as feeds in many areas, which cannot develop bean nutrition value much better.

3. The profession depth of grain peeling machine development is not enough. 
If bean is only processed into bean kernels, bean grits and bean flour, the profits margin is quite limited. Therefore, we need to make the grain peeling machine turn from simplification mode to summarization mode. The traditional short industrial link only can produce one or two bean products. And most of the by-products are discarded as the waste, which causes cost waste and environmental pollution. But the modern long industrial link can enlarge bean products varieties and improve bean value usage.
From the above, we can see that our grain peeling machine development still exists some problems. What we should do is to learn more from the developed countries, introduced new technology and insist on innovation.  

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