What Manager Do?

Management is increasingly more important in today’s society. It is an essential work in an organization. Manager is the one who coordinates and oversees the work of others in order to achieve organizational goals. They need to ensure that jobs are done efficiency and effectiveness. There are three levels of manager in an organization as their job are basically the same. However, the degrees of the time they spend on specific activities are different depends on their levels of position, organization type, size and cultural. The work of managers can be divided in three main types which are functions, roles and skills. In order to know whether the jobs of different levels of managers are the same, the following are the brief discussion of what do managers do. And there is a reality example of managerial work.

The three levels of manager are first line manager, middle manager and top manager. First line manager is the lowest level of manager as they mainly manage the work of non-managerial employee, like supervisors and line manager (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2009). The second level is middle managers, their work include all levels of managerial work between first line manager and top manager. Regional manager and department head are the examples of middle manager (Robbins et al., 2009). The top managers are those who responsible in making organization-wide decisions, establishing goals and planning, such as chief executive officer (Robbins et al., 2009). It seems that the emphasis of their works is different. However, they all come from certain features which discuss below.

Having interview with a chief executive officer of numbers of restaurants in Hong Kong, he said that his plans are related to the firm’s profitability. He is a top manager in the organization. He needs to make important decision which can affect the whole restaurants. He always uses the brain work and less physical work as he need to thinks continuously what can improve the...