What Makes a Good Music Teacher

What makes a good music teacher?
A good music teacher is first and foremost an inspiring human being, a person who oozes passion and creativity, an individual who teaches from the heart.
They respect their pupils by listening and guiding them through difficult parts of their lessons and in term will earn their respect back. They believe in their students abilities and encourage them to become the best they can .The leading music teacher’s recognize each pupil’s different needs and abilities and will adapt themselves to all of the unique situations a pupil can encounter.
The top music teachers find creative ways of conducting lessons and getting their students to absorb knowledge and information. Acting out a scene, telling a fictional story or reflecting on a life experience can transform a lesson into a fun, relaxed, but informative environment as opposed to a dull, boring, ”reading from a text book” lecture.
In addition to all the creativity and passion, a premier music teacher must have structure to their lessons in order for their students to learn. They are assertive when appropriate, in order to create the boundaries which are essential for the development of the student in their craft, but also in other areas of their life.
The best music teacher will obviously love music and show this to their students by either playing, writing, listening or collecting it. They draw on their own experiences and share them with their students, helping them to create their own musical episodes.
Faith is possibly the single most important quality the greatest music teachers will have. Faith in their students will allow them to grow and develop into their full potential and give them the confidence that they need to succeed. It will help them push through the hard times, and excel when the going is good.