What Makes a Good Friend?

What Characteristics make a good Friend?

A friend is made up of a lot of things, these things can range from being reliable or being entertaining. In my personal opinion the things that make up a good friend are them being similar to you, in the way that you have common interests and also if there reliable in the sense that you can count on them to get done what needs to get done. Another trait that makes up a good friend is there ability to relate to you on all of your personal matters and be able to help you with them one they assimilate the information. A good friend can be made up of so many things and i’m here to go over the most important fundamental traits that make a good friend.

In my personal opinion one of the most fundamental traits of a good friend is there compatibility and/or the things they have in common with you. This is because in being friends with each other the point is to have fun with your friends and if you like the same things and have common interests then you will be able to connect better. The importance of being a ludicrous friend is also essential, in my opinion that is because I like to be around people like me who are random, fun, and majestic. Just a reminder that this is what characteristics make a good friend in my opinion which may or may not differ from yours. What i’m trying to get at is that you just have to find your group of people that are like you, think like you, and like things that you do because thats just what friends are.

Also another admirable characteristics in true friends is the ability to be there when you need them, there ability to understand and have sympathy/empathy for you when you are in your time of need. A friend who is able to connect and assimilate on a personal level with what you have is a key characteristic that makes a fantabulous friend fantabulous. On top of that if they can not connect on a personal level then being able to imagine and perceive what it might be like is also a runner up...