What Led the Us to Declare War on Britain?

Almost thirty years after the American Revolution, the United States was back at war with Great Britain. Since the 1790's, U.S leaders have tried to avoid getting into a war against Britain, but when Britain started using the ocean to capture and enslave US sailors, they decided against that decision. When the committee on foreign relations reported the growing conflict with France and Britain, the following quote explains what our complaints were. “Great Britain, in defiance of this incontestable [clear and certain] right, captures American Vessel bound to, or returning from, a port where her commerce is not favored; enslaving our seamen, and in spite of our [complaints and protest] perseveres in these aggressions.” (document 1).   Capturing and enslaving sailors, or impressment, is a violation of our rights. Great Britain must’ve had a thing for the ocean, because they were also using it to block Americas ships from trading with anyone else. In document 2, congressman Calhoun went off of what was said in document 1. “[W]hich shall we do, abandon or defend our own commercial and maritime rights, and the personal liberties of our citizens employed in exercising them?...” (document 2).   Calhoun was explaining the fact, that since Britain was violating the Americans citizens right to employment, ontop of them enslaving our citizens, the United states would end up in war.
The top two reasons for the war of 1812, also known as the forgotten war, was the fact that Great Britain were capturing and enslaving our american sailors, and forcing them to work for their navy, and Britains ships blocking our trade route. The Unites States was tired of getting harassed on the seas. They felt too much pride to let Great Britain get away with everything they had done.