What Leaders in 16th Century Europe Best Represent the Role of a Politique?

The 16th century in Europe saw a lot of violence through many wars. Known as the Century of War, the 16th century saw wars such as the French Civil Wars and the Eighty Years War. Many rulers during this century acted as politiques, or a ruler that does what is best for their country. The best representation of a politique are rulers who make compromises or do other things that may not be in their best interest but in the best interest of their country. Leaders in the 16th century that best fit the role of a politique include Elizabeth I of England, Henry IV of France, and William of Orange.

Queen Elizabeth is a great example of a politique because she converted the church of England to Anglicanism and because she funded the Netherlands against Spain. Anglicanism is a mix of Protestantism and Catholicism. She created the Anglican Church to suppress a religious upheaval in England. Elizabeth herself was a protestant but chose to convert to Anglicanism. A minority of people in England, such as very devout Catholics and puritans, didn't like this conversion, but the majority of England liked it. Another thing that Elizabeth did that made her a politique was her funding of the Netherlands against the Spanish. Spain was trying to gain control of the Netherlands and re-catholicize it and Elizabeth knew that if the Spanish gained control of the Netherlands, England would be their next target. The Hapsburgs, who controlled Spain and many other countries, were trying to spread their influence over Europe through Catholicism and Elizabeth didn’t want this to come into England because they were doing well as an Anglican Country. Eventually, the Spanish were driven out of the Netherlands and kept away from England in 1588 because of the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Henry IV of France is a great example of a politique because he converted from Protestantism to Catholicism in order to gain the throne of France. In 1589, Henry IV's distant cousin and brother in law, Henry...