What Is Your Passion

What’s Your Passion?
Introduction to Ministry
25 May 2008

What’s Your Passion?
My passion is service. Rick Warren’s book purpose driven life has caused me to take a look at my life from God’s point of view and ask myself some very hard questions…like who I am really in this for. I was and still am able to give the “correct answers when asked, but was I really doing what I stated. I discovered that I was to a certain degree but needed to go even further as far as God was expecting of me and everyone else. The following are my answers to the Ministry Passion Assessment.
If you could snap your fingers and know that you wouldn’t fail, what would you do for others? I would do as Jesus asked Peter. “Feed His sheep.” When Jesus asked Peter…”do you love me?” Peter answered “yes Lord…” Jesus asked Peter a second time and then a third. I wasn’t until the third time that Peter finally got the question. The question was designed in part for Peter to focus on Christ instead of himself…it wasn’t until Peter’s answer was Christ focused when he said…”Lord you know all things…” instead of repeating how he (Peter) felt.
What do you repeatedly see that annoys or angers you, which if changed, would be more glorifying to God and edifying to others? Although it does not anger me, and does not really annoy me anymore, the thing I believe would be that thing is when I hear people make deals with God or demands in their corporate prayers. God do this right now…God you said in your Word that you will so do this…and then use the term “In the name of Jesus, like that term was meant to be some sort of magic word to make God do something. I like what Oswald Chambers said…”It is not some magic word to be used frivolously…but it is to said that by His nature in that by the fact that He (Jesus) intercedes for us that we can ask God and He will do it.”
I care about some things more than others. I care most about…I care most about one day hearing that statement which says “well done...