What Is Your Doubt About Sand Screening Machine?

Today, the demand for sand and gravel for the development of the national construction is more and more nervous, especially the hydropower engineering and housing construction has more and more urgent demand for sand and gravel aggregate with large quantities. The natural sand and gravel resource is local resource, and is non-renewable in short time, and long-distance transport of it needs a lot of manpower, material resources, and great capital investment. China has a lot of sand and gravel resources, such as granite, limestone, river gravel and other materials, can be produced qualified mechanisms sand aggregate after being crushed.
The stone crushing machine technically has a lot of advantages like unique performance, simple operation, etc. so it is loved by most customers. The rock crusher machine can greatly improve our beautiful environment, which shows the strength and technical characteristics of BAICHY crushing machine.
Sand screen machine again named dry land sand screen ship. It is adopted in course of rive, reservoir, coal field, sandstone separating. Screen sand machine is made up with ship body, shelf, the decelerate machine, conveyor belt, the revolution screen and engine or dynamo. The model structure is simple, economics applies and easily operate. It is divided into the tumble type screen sand machine, water-washing tumbler type screen sand machine, and shaking screen type screen machine…etc.
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