What Is Research

Assignment 2 Task 1 What is research?

Trevithick (2012), takes the definition of research from SCIE Knowledge review as:

“Research comprises of results from systematic investigations based on planned strategies. This may be primarily research that involves systematic enquiry based on observation or experiment. It may also be secondary research, research that takes primary research studies as its object of enquiry.”

(Walter et al 2004: xiii)

Compare the different types of research
I have found four main types of research these are:

Quantitative research – This usually involves collecting and changing data in to a numeric form so that statistical computations can be made and determinations made. Where as Qualitative research –   is about recording, analysing and endeavouring to uncover the deeper meaning or importance of human behaviour or experience, including conflicting beliefs, behaviours and feelings.

Emancipatory research – This is a participatory approach that brings in advocacy. It is an approach that is used where the other types of research described above, do not respond to the situation of people from marginalised and vulnerable groups. The researcher who uses this method wants to bring about positive change to the lives of their subjects. It is usually seen as having a political agenda with the aim of bringing about reform.

Mixed Methods – This is known as the pragmatic approach, it involves using the method that seems foremost suited to the research problem and not getting caught up in the philosophic arguments about the best approach.

Alston and Bowles (2003)

Evaluate the range of methods used to collect data.
According the Alzheimer Europe website (last updated 2009) they cite eight different methods for the collection of data. Hek et al ( 2002)   and Alston and Bowles (2003) cite more in their literature and go into more detail about their foundation and how they are interlinked. However they all...