What Is My Philosophy

What Is My Philosophy?
Geoff Franz
University of Phoenix
Professor Dowling
Performance Aid and Journal Entry (What is your Philosophy)

      This performance help and journal entry will help in describing my viewpoint. The entry will also analyze the main parts of philosophy inquiry and just how they impact community and tradition.

Major Philosophy Inquiries Definitions and Approaches

      The main philosophical parts of query are metaphysics, epistemology, ethical, social, political, structuralism, deconstruction, eastern, postcolonial, as well as feminism. Metaphysics is the research of the nature of truth, such as the connection between body and mind, substance, and mishap, activities, and causation. Epistemology is the research of nature and extent of knowledge and whether it's possible or otherwise. The ethical division of philosophy is the query of the greatest method to live, and secondarily, regarding the query of whether this query may be replied. Social viewpoint is the research of questions regarding social behavior. Social viewpoint may also deal with group dynamics and the ways that people team collectively or else act in union, themes may include fashion, trends, cults, crowds, and so on. Political viewpoint is the research of these themes such as freedom, justice, property, legal rights, legislation, and the administration of a legal code by government: what they are, the reason why they are required. Structuralism is the research of the deep structure of terminology and just how it pertains to community. Deconstruction is a philosophical movement and hypothesis of literary critique which questions conventional presumptions regarding certainty, identity, and fact; claims that phrases may only refer to other phrases; and efforts to show how claims regarding any written text subvert their own descriptions. Eastern Viewpoint is the research of how can human beings achieve self-realization and reside in peace with the planet. Postcolonial...