What Is Malpracvtice

What is Malpractice?
Malpractice is defined as any actions that undermine the integrity of the qualification.   The candidate or centre (Remote First Aid) may carry out these actions.

Examples of malpractice carried out by the centre:

  * Failure to meet award approval requirements
  * Failure to advise an Awarding Organisation of any changes with regard to the delivery of the award
  * Failure to comply with an Awarding Organisation’s procedures for candidate registration and certification
  * Claiming certification for non-active candidates
  * Claiming for incorrect units or awards
  * Claiming for fictitious candidates
  * Claiming a certificate for candidates who have not undergone appropriate
assessment or completed the assessment process
  * Failure to keep examination material and mark schemes secure
  * Offering excessive amounts of help in producing assessed work
  * Using falsified witness testimonies
  * Allowing candidates to include evidence that assessors know is not the candidates own work
  * Changing/falsifying records or certificates

Examples of malpractice carried out by the candidate:

  * Cheating in examinations
  * Plagiarism including copying large amounts of work from other sources and not acknowledging or referencing this work
  * Pretending to be someone else
  * Falsifying or altering witness testimonies
  * Claiming group work as individual work without explaining own contributions
  * Fabricating evidence or results
  * Changing results or certificates
  * Failing to follow the instructions of invigilators or assessors
  * Bringing unauthorised materials into examinations
During an investigation the candidate concerned will not be entitled to claim any certificates.  
Remote First Aid reserves the right to withhold a candidate’s results for all awards they may be studying at the time of notification of the suspected malpractice or to refuse to accept future entries and/or...