What Is Knowledge

Introduction to Philosophy


Introduction to Philosophy 2
This essay will discuss an argument about how I categorize the idea of knowledge or the belief of the idea of someone in my life who loves me.
It will also discuss three pieces of empirical evidence for the knowledge or belief as well as three logical reasons.
After looking through the evidence, it will then discuss if I still maintain my original categorization of knowledge or belief and why.

Introduction to Philosophy 3
What is the difference between what is believed and what is known?   Belief is known to be a thought or memory that’s within your mind.   It is also known not to have any satisfactory evidence.   Knowledge on the other hand is understood to be true and can be proved with evidence.  
From the time my children were born it was known that the love we share will never fade away.   Despite the days of them not wanting to talk to me or wanting to be around me because of disciplinary reasons, they still find themselves around talking my head off at the end of the day.   Just the other day my daughter was mad at me for turning off the television at 11’oclock at night.   She couldn’t understand why I was telling her no so she decided when I left the room to turn it back on.   When I realized what she did, I told her for the next couple days she will not be allowed to watch television nor was she able to play outside since she decided to be disobedient.   For the remainder of the night, she not only cried but told me she wasn’t talking to me.   I responded, “Fine!”   The very next morning when she realized I was ignoring her, she came to me, hugged me, gave me a kiss, and said “Mommy I am sorry for being rude and I love you.”   Not only did my heart melt but I realized no matter how mad we may get at each other, we always find a way to be happy again.
I choose to categorize the idea of my children’s love for me as knowledge...