What Is Inflamatory Breast Cancer

What is Inflammatory Breast Cancer?
Jasmin Hernandez
Olympic College

Author Note
This paper was prepared for English 99, 3325 taught by Professor Richardson
Inflammatory breast cancer is rare and spreads aggressively. The 5 year cancer survival rate after doing chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy is still really short of between 24 and 49 percent survival rate. For Stage 4, the 5 year survival rate is only 11 percent.

What is Inflammatory Breast Cancer
I choose to write my paper on Inflammatory Breast Cancer because my mother was recently diagnosed with IBC on the end of March 2013. While doing the research for this paper I found out a lot of stuff that I really didn’t want to hear. In the long run though I am happy that I know what is going on and what can happen.   Inflammatory breast cancer, also called IBC, is a rare locally advanced form that is very aggressive. .It happens when the cancer cells block the lymphatic vessels that are in the skin that covers the breast. IBC can rapidly spread to the other body parts. By the time it is finally diagnosed, due to misdiagnosing as an infection, the cancer has most likely already reached Stage III or Stage IV. It can advance in the matter of weeks or even months.
There are several different symptoms of IBC, the main one is swelling, redness and fluid buildup, in the skin, that covers one third or more of the breast. Discoloration is also very possible; pink, reddish purple, or it can even look bruised. You can also develop what is known as peau d’orange, where the breast has characteristics that look like the skin of an orange. As the cancer spreads to more of your body the lymph nodes under your arm, near the collarbone or both can start swelling
If you have shown that these symptoms have come on quickly and they have been there for less than 6 months the doctors will then perform a biopsy. A biopsy is where they take a small portion of the affected tissue and some from the area...