What Is Imortant Money or Education

What is important education or money

You will have numerous responses of strong opinions of both , but the real answer lies within the question. Depending on situation, either could be right. If you need to survive, then money is necessary. I mean you must know you can not get REAL money if you do not get an education; plus education never stops for the sake of a better future with your job, family, and own personal goals. However, when your family or just YOU need to get the fundamentals of shelter and food, then education must be placed on hold. Always try to graduate high school, manage college within your daily routine for income, and when you graduate to make the big bucks take time out to focus on even more education. Money is the key and thats no doubt. Its not easy if your not born with the silver spoon. Most start businesses by selling products that are commonly used amongst their friend or social circle after finding it for cheap. Analyze all kinds of business opportunities for investments in "buying low, selling high" on items of neccessity or heavy demanded. Then go to school to learn more as your stable enough to work hard and not worry about bills. A person who has no money and education may be worth more than a "rich dummy". Money is current news and education is a legacy. Hope you find your answer
Education, especially if it is for girls, is more valuable than money. The Delhi High Court underlined the importance of education while hearing a petition on setting up of a temporary school on a disputed property