What Is Hypnosis


This essay will explore in some detail the phenomenon that is hypnosis. The main body of the essay will illustrate my understanding of hypnosis; firstly by way of describing what hypnosis is, by examining the history and background of hypnosis to enlighten where it originated and how it was first practised, and then by explaining what actually happens in hypnosis, including detailing the techniques used and the physical and psychological changes that take place during hypnosis. Finally I will discuss the role of relaxation in hypnotherapy, and will touch on some of the reasons why people undergo hypnosis and the benefits it can have.
A conclusion will form the final part of the essay summing up the findings.      

What is Hypnosis

My understanding of hypnosis is that it is a natural phenomenon. Hypnosis or entering into a hypnotic state or trance is a regular occurrence for many people and is very much like daydreaming.   Hypnosis involves, more than anything else, changes in a person's attention and concentration. It is a form of dissociation in which the mind becomes so focused on one thing that it ignores everything else. An example of this could be a car journey when you realise you have reached your destination but do not recall passing certain places on the way.   This is made possible by the work of your subconscious mind.
Everything that has ever been learned is stored in the subconscious mind; it is the storage place of everything that is currently not in the conscious mind. It stores all previous life experiences, belief systems, memories and skills, and it is the part of the brain that is responsible for everything that is done automatically (Hadley & Staudacher 1996). Driving is a learnt skill that is stored in the subconscious mind so when the car journey becomes familiar the conscious mind drifts off allowing your subconscious mind to take over.
Hypnosis in practice is an interaction between two people, the hypnotist or...