What Is Human Services

What is Human Services
Nikki Yates
September 12, 2011

What is Human Services?

At some point and time everyone needs help in his or her life. Help can range from help with paying for their food to help with paying for their bills. The reason someone needs help is not important but that people will need it. As the world’s population continues to grow so will poverty and people needing assistance will also grow. However, human service is here to assist people when they hit a hardship. According to "National Organization For Human Services" (2009), " The goal of human service is to assist individuals and communities to function as effectively as possible in the major domains of living” (para. 6). As a human service worker there is a broad range of goals that need to be met. Major ones include finding help for someone who may need it. This can include shelter and job assistance or funding for higher education needs. Depending on what type of human service worker there can be different goals. The people in this particular field are in it to improve the quality of life of those who they serve daily. If someone were to ask a human service worker why they choose this field, he or she would tell them that he or she wants to enhance the life of someone who needs help.

The practice of helping others in need has existed since the beginning of biblical times, but the human service profession has historic roots dating back to the late 1800s. Understanding how the social welfare system in the United States was developed someone must first understand England and how the poor were treated. During the middle ages the feudal system allowed the wealthy to provide serfs, the lower class with a small piece of land and a job to farm the land. This system was established in England allowed the lords to have complete control over the serfs. Because there was no separation between the church and the state, the poor were well known among the...