What Is Good Writing?

What is Good Writing?

There are many ways to define and describe good writing.   Usually most people can tell good writing when they see it.   In order for someone to be a good writer, they have to be a good reader.   It is important to read other author’s books that are well written in order to be able to learn techniques that can help you improve your own writing.
      Being able to organize your ideas is a key ingredient to becoming a good writer.   Also, it is essential to use appropriate punctuation and to maintain proper grammar throughout the paper.   To be an effective writer, your word choice has to stand out especially when you are trying to keep the reader’s attention.   This is why your main goal as a writer should be to captivate the reader’s interest.   You can do this using persuasion, emotion, or other attention grabbing techniques.   You can also use description or complex sentences with many details.   The hard part of “good writing” is not only sparking your reader’s interest, but also making your sentences and paragraphs flow together to make it an easy read.   However, determining whether a paper is well written may not be as simple as this.   There are many different kinds of “good” writing techniques and each writer may possess a different way of capturing the reader’s interest.   Some good writers will try to teach, inspire, or to motivate their reader’s to perform a specific task. They may inspire ideas or evoke emotion.   In order to do this, the writer has to know their target audience and to have a purpose for writing.
      In the end, good writing can be subjective because it depends on the preferences of the reader.   This is why there is no clear cut definition for “good writing.”   However, good writing in general has a unique perspective and is original.   The best writing usually occurs when the writer can relate his strong passion for a subject or idea to the reader.   The way to become a better writer is to learn from the best while still...