What Is Effective Communication

Written communication is the most common form of business communication. It is essential in business. Effective written communication’s aim is to learn how to write correctly, for us to express ourselves effectively in the business world, and on a daily basis as well. This course allows us to know the writing basics, what types of writing exist and how to avoid mistakes, how to write business letters and emails, as well as minutes, reports and executive summaries. Last but not least, how to research and reference in a good way.

First, the writing basics are a thing to master. Summaries consist of putting the key points of something, which is a book, an article… to show if you understood well their content. They are mostly present on the fourth cover of books, and allow us to get an idea of its story and get straight to the point. Basically, writing a summary starts by looking for the main ideas, putting them in a logical order, and then focusing on them not to say useless things.

Then come directions, which are the way to explain how something is working. For this, you need steps to build the directions, and have to put them in the right order for the reader to understand. To make it clearer, you can also use some illustrations to have a better view of the directions, or ask someone to follow your directions. If they are not able to, you know then what to do.

Last but not least, the persuasive writing. As said, its purpose is to convince someone to do something. For a persuasive writing, you first need to have reasons of why people should follow your point of view, but you still need to have ideas that contrast with yours. Finally, consequences need to be said if people don’t agree with your ideas. It then makes your writing more convincing.
After knowing the three different types of writing, we then did a training of convincing, where we had to persuade the class of doing something.

Also, a thing to avoid to master the writing basics is clutter. In a...