What Is Child Poverty, Its Key Causes and Impacts?

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What is child poverty, its key causes and impacts?

As a result of the economic crisis, the amount of children in risk of poverty is growing. Poverty is considered to be lack of access to financial resources, services and chances for the young people to develop, become successful, confident and flourish. Children in poverty are those ones living in families in low income and who can't meet the adequate standard of life. The failure to protect young people from deprivation is one of the significant mistakes which one society could admit. The highest price is paid by the children, but the society is facing a cost as well: less people with good qualification, lower productivity, poor health education, high risk of unemployment and dependence to social benefits, and loss of community connection. This is the reason why the Government and many independent organisations, like CPAG, Barnardos, JRF, Save the Children, e.g., make a strong attempt to find the solution and end the children poverty, obtaining an efficient resolution required to analyse the problem in his dept. To understand what stands behind the meaning we have to examine the factors included in Child Poverty measurement, what causes it and the impacts.

It's difficult to clarify the definition of child poverty and to observe the number of young people living in it. To specify the problem, the Government has generated a "multidimensional measure of child poverty". The elements in this measurement are created on researches of what's causing the privation and how it impacts on children's lives.
The first element is the "Income". It's holding the leader position in the adolescent's life, for example, the parents on low income cannot afford to buy accurate clothes and healthy food.

The Government is taking into account the "Material Deprivation" as well. This measure includes factors like the frequency of enjoyable activities and social gatherings families can perform like...