What Is Causing the Environmental Degradation in the Chongqing Area?

What is causing the environmental degradation in the Chongqing area?
  1- The environment is essential to human life for the simple fact that the environment is nature and we are part of nature. If nature around us collapses, we collapse.
  2- Briefly talk about Development:
      a. Historical   Mao to Deng Xiao Ping in Chongqing
        * Desire to develop economy – to modernize
            * The desire of power in order to prevent any further future suppression.
            * China desires to develop in order to lift China’s population out of poverty and raise standards of living.
      b. From Deng to Today in Chongqing
        * SEZ (Shenzhen)
      c. What drives this development:
  * Economic opportunity
                  * Massive amount of labor
                  * Cheap production
                  * Motivation and dedication of the people
  3- Present Situation Talk about the Industrial areas built in Chongqing and their negative environmental impact.
        * Data of Industrial areas built in Chongqing.
        * Data of tourist areas created in the in Chongqing.
        * Data of the amount of financial center created in Chongqing.
        * Data that shows the amount of population relocated to other areas from Chongqing.
            * This is:
                    1. Adding pressure to urban areas
                    2. Expansion of the urban areas
                    3. Decreasing a more sustainable way of life
  4- Talk about other negative environmental impacts of urban development in Chongqing:
        * Point source pollution:
              * Sewage, industry, dumps, etc.
        * Non-Point pollution:
  * Fertilizer, transportation, gases, trash (especially the large amounts of plastic used in the food industries).
  5- What is the true driving force behind the environmental destruction in the Chongqing area?
        * Economic development is priority (GDP increase)
            * Increasing...