What Is Blue-Ray

I hate going shopping with the children. The more technology that comes out the more expensive it is. Better yet, the more technology that comes out the more I have to spend. My DVD player was broken so I wanted the one on sale for $29.99. As soon as I went to put the DVD player in the cart, the look I got from my kids was as if I put a dog bone in the cart. What’s wrong with you mom? I had no idea what they were talking about. “The DVD is played out you need to get the blu-ray like the one we have down stairs. I never watched a movie on their blu-ray system. To me a movie is a movie whether it’s on blu-ray, DVD, or a VCR. My children told me watching a movie on blu-ray was the best experience to watch a movie.                                                                                                                                          
What is blu ray? Blu ray is the new DVD. The technology of the blu ray is a little more complex than your regular DVD or VCR player. Also known as the blu ray disc, this new multimedia concept gives the use of advanced video and audio coders will offer consumers an unprecedented HD experience. Blu-ray is the next generation of optical disc format jointly joined together by the blu-ray disc association.
The DVD uses a ray laser to read and write data. The blu-ray uses a blue violet laser instead. The difference in using a blue ray laser rather than a red violet ray is that the blue laser is a shorter wave length than the red laser. The shorter wave length makes the blu-ray able to focus on the laser spot with greater precision. The blue ray in the blu ray system is able to move 5 times faster than the DVD player. Blu- ray was developed by the Blu-ray Disc association, a group of representative makers of consumer electronics, computer hardware and motion pictures.
My son has the blu-ray and I have the “old” as he say DVD player. We took the blu-ray, DVD challenge. The same movie was played on both systems the...