What Is Beauty

What is Beauty?
Beauty is one of the most complex aspects of life. The definition of beauty has been debated for as long as humans walked the earth. Today’s society has been forced to believe in the stereotypes that magazines or fashion designers created. Raina Kelly argued in her article, “Beauty Is Defined, and Not By You”, that in order to be beautiful you must be “…white, young, thin with long, straight hair…” She continues to say that if your image does not fit that criteria then you are not beautiful. There will never be a set definition of beauty because it is an opinion based subject. People also concur that beauty is the ability to appeal to the senses. There are two types of beauty, physical appearance, which consist on the body, and mental beauty which involves someone’s purpose in life. These aspects are what make someone unique and that is the true meaning of beauty.
A person’s physical appearance has many factors to it including weight, height, and skin tone and so on. This is completely based off of what others prefer. Blondes are not better then brunettes, Caucasians are not better then African Americans, fitting a size two does not make you beautiful, these are stereo-types that society has fallen victim to believing. Raina Kelly, for example, basically says instead of worrying about appearance women should be focused on education instead. This is a valid opinion and might even be true but she loses her argument by saying if you do not look like this you are not beautiful. Education is important and should be taken seriously but it is not the only factor in life, girls want to feel pretty and she took that option away from any reader that did not fit that image.
Weight is another factor of physical appearance. It is often shown in the media that thinner is better but in according to Wil Haygood in his article, “Kentucky Town of Manchester Illustrates National Obesity Crisis” 24 percent of the nation does not fit that standard. Weight is...