What in Early Upbringing Contributes to Adifficult Sense of Self and Hinders Good Relationship to Others?

Essay 1
Essay title : What in early   upbringing, contributes to a difficult sense of self and hinders good relationship to others ? Give two examples of how the arts help to heal and transform such limiting experience.


What theory is in my Kaleidoscope ?

Chapter One

Mother and child relationships

Attachment Theory

Chapter Two


Where is my Orange?!

Chapter Three

Art therapy

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How many patterns in the kaleidoscope?


What theory is in my Kaleidoscope ?

Within this essay, I will be exploring the role of mother /child relationships, and   attachment theory,   through the perspective or kaleidoscope of Bowlby, plus supplementary colours, patterns, and shapes added from Winnicott /Bion/ Klein/Sunderland theories. In addition, the sparkles of current neuroscience research on the brain chemistry of insecure attachment styles( Sunderland and Panksepp). In order to look at what contributes to a’ difficult sense of self …etc’, it is important to first establish what   a healthy sense of self is and how that is achieved during childhood . This then provides a framework within which to look at what contributes to problems with attaching, relating to people and a limiting sense of self. My examples of how the arts can assist in healing and transforming, insecure attachment and inadequate parenting, are;-
1/ Personal experience of a group exercise
Where is my orange ?!
2/ Art therapy session with a client with post-natal depression.
The   essay concludes with a short summary of points raised and musings on the theory and practice of art therapies.

Chapter One

Mother and child relationships
Donald Winnicott a post Freudian, paediatrician and later a psychoanalyst contributed many ideas and theories, many of which are in use today, not only in the field of psychoanalytic therapy, but in particular art therapy. Winnicott...