What If...

Name : Carmen Chew Hooi Ling
What if?
It was a quiet Wednesday afternoon on the Royal Malaysian Collegeversity campus. Suddenly, doors of lecture theatres, auditoriums and laboratories burst open, and students rush to their next class. A boy in a black shirt and jeans walks past another boy. This other boy had a distinct feature. His arm was made of wood. Both boys had been studying in the same elite collegeversity for almost a year now, but they have never noticed each other.
Just as their paths crossed, time stops around them. Both boys looked up from their books and found themselves staring at a cyborg. Shocked, they tried to run. But the cyborg grabbed both their hands, one wooden and one flesh. With no explanation, they were teleported to the another place.
Without a single word, the girl whisked them all to a building and entered it through a wall of glass. They boys were speechless with amazement. The girl parks her cruiser in a corner, turned to the two boys and introduced herself as Kari. She leads them out of the cruiser and into a space that she called home. It looked more like a lair to the two young men. She addressed the boy in black as Seth and the other boy as Johnny.
Seth and Johnny were a little stunned that Kari knew their names. Kari invited them to sit down on her couch as she had something to tell them. They sat down and she started her story. She explained that they were in the year 2100. The Earth is gradually dying due to global warming and other hazardous effects of mankind’s unenvironmentally friendly activities. Also, there was a group of evil scientists who wanted to dominate the world. Her father was one of them. The group of scientists invented robots to assist them in daily business, but had equipped them with too much Artificial Intelligence. The robots learnt that Albert Einstein’s brain is kept preserved and they found its location. They extracted knowledge from the brain and decided to take over the world.